Hello All, it’s been a while again but I like to wait until I am inspired to write and nothing has felt right until recently…

In my last post I talked about the comedian Patton Oswalt and his journey through the grief process after losing his wife.  The one thing I didn’t mention was that she was a true crime author and at the time of her death she was investigating the golden state killer in hopes that she could bring attention to the case and provide closure to the victims and their loved ones.  Well, as of last week, they now know who did it and the man responsible has finally been caught.  I was not expecting there to be a second act to this, but I think it is really fitting that there is one and it is important to talk about it.  I have been really moved by this story and Patton Oswalt’s willingness to open up and talk about it has been really inspiring.  At the time of Michelle’s death, she was only ¾ of the way done with her book and in an interview Oswalt said that he knew he had to push to make sure the book was finished and released because it was too important to his late wife to just let it go.  To me, this is a really loving message that shows that even if we go through a tragedy where we lose someone we can still find a way to honor their memory.  Oswalt demonstrated this by his continuous pursuit in making sure that what was so important to his wife didn’t go unfinished.  In my opinion, that’s love.

I don’t know why this story touches me so much, but I think it is important that as a society we find ways to discuss difficult topics because in order for us to heal we have to be able to recognize our pain.  Ultimately this story is about purpose. My hope is that after spending 2 blog posts months apart on the same story, if you are ever doubting that there is a reason for your pain or that your life does not have meaning, you will think of this story and know that even if you don’t see how it all comes together eventually something will happen that allows you to gain a new perspective and finally have the peace you need.

Thank you for reading this, I hope in some way it brought at least some healing to you along your journey.  If you feel you need to talk about this or any other subject that may be bothering you, please look at my website www.pathways2healing.org and send me a message.  Until next time, take care.

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