Hi everyone, thanks for coming back!  It has been a while since I wrote because I have some exciting news about the direction Pathways 2 Healing will be heading and I have been trying to find the right words to say it.  Over this past summer I took a course where I became a Certified Intuitive Counselor, this will now be a prominent feature at my practice as I will be incorporating the skills and knowledge I gained in the services I offer.  When I started Pathways 2 Healing my goal was to help people not just heal from their past but to have an understanding of how unique their particular journey is meant to be.  Since no two people are exactly alike, then no two paths can be the same and the differences in our journeys are important to our growth as individuals.  This has lead me down an interesting road myself, and it has taken some turns that I was not expecting which has landed me in a new direction.

When I first came out of graduate school in 2016 I, like most new graduates, was expecting to get hired by an agency, especially an agency that worked with children who have experienced trauma, but that’s not what happened.  As time went on I began to get really discouraged but realized that my passion to help people was growing and that this was what I wanted to do with my life.  Figuring out how was my next obstacle.  At this time I was doing a lot of soul searching, meeting and talking with new people and learning new perspectives on life.  When I look back I realize that this was really important to my journey and that I needed this time to reflect on my own path.  It was during this time when I decided to start my own business and open Pathways 2 Healing (I will save the full story for another time) with my goal still to help children and their families who have been experiencing difficult and even traumatic times.  This was a difficult task as well, I was still technically new to the field pretty fresh out of graduate school and to many I didn’t have the credentials to start my own practice.  So I continued to focus on “finding myself” through new avenues, in particular I discovered an area called “new age spirituality.” I began to learn about all kinds of new things including what intuition really is and how to trust it.  I met new people, made new friends and learned a lot about myself.  The reason I am speaking about all of this is because from here on out I will be working to take Pathways 2 Healing in this direction with my new goal to incorporate principles of traditional therapy with more alternative / holistic new age practices.

My purpose for writing this post is to explain where I am in my journey and which road I will be heading down.  For everyone who has supported me and Pathways 2 Healing so far I say thank you and I hope you will continue to join me down this path.  Where exactly it will lead I cannot say, but the point is not to know where you end up but to trust where it is leading you and to enjoy the journey.  For updates and info about services and specials I will be offering follow me on facebook at www.facebook.com/Pathways2Healing.  Wherever your individual journey leads I wish you luck and hope it leads you somewhere unexpectedly great!



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