Happy 2019 Everyone!  For the first blog entry this year I wanted to write about something that is meaningful to me, and most people would probably be surprised that I waited this long to talk about this topic, but I knew I was waiting for the right opportunity.  Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite band is Korn, and there are many paths I could take in writing about this but the one I am going to start with is the incredible documentary that came out late last year called “Loud Krazy Love.” For those of you who are not familiar with this, it’s a story about the journey of healing, but that journey of healing stars a rock star and his daughter.  Brian “Head” Welch is one of the guitarists and founding members of the band Korn, and this is a story not only about his own healing but also about the healing his young daughter, Jennea Welch, had to go through on her own.  It also speaks volumes to the complexities that parent and child relationships (no matter who your parent is) go through and the how a parent’s love and sacrifice is essential to the well-being of a child.  At the peak of Korn’s career while touring Head became a single father to Jennea, but like most rock stars his life was chaotic and it wasn’t easy to raise a child in that environment.  Even if you are not a musician and can’t relate to the rock star life, many people can identify with common themes of addiction, isolation, divorce and feelings of inadequacy that lead to self-destruction.  This is a very dark road that many people travel down at some point in their life which is why stories like this are important because if you know that the story doesn’t always end in hopelessness then it’s possible to find a way out for yourself.

It’s hard for me to put into words what I want to convey about this story, there’s lots of different directions I could go with it.  It has a multi-dimensional theme that I think is important when talking about the human experience, none of us are just one story and there is not just one avenue for healing and I think this documentary does a good job of showing how different experiences can lend themselves to creating potential outcomes that can help others heal.  For instance, Korn’s music helps others heal, but in order for them to continue to make music the band had to go through a process of healing themselves where Head separated himself from Korn to rejoin them after he had gone through his own healing.  It’s a very powerful scene when the band is reunited at the Carolina Rebellion Show, maybe it’s extra powerful for me because I am a fan but I think the point is that relationships go in cycles and there is always the possibility for change to happen as long as you are still here to work for it.

This of course brings up one of the most heartwarming aspects of this story, the relationship between Head and his daughter.  Let me make it very clear to everyone reading this, all parent child relationships can be difficult and go through phases, especially during the teenage years.  Measuring a parent’s success (if there is even such a thing) isn’t about how easy their life turns out, it’s about how well you can help them manage to get through the difficult times.  To me, that’s what is so inspiring about this story.  At its core, this is about a father trying to help his daughter navigate through difficult life circumstances.  No one is guaranteed an easy life, and being the daughter of a world famous musician is no exception.  Jennea experienced situations growing up that her peers didn’t have and the trials she faced left her in need of her own healing.  When Brian Head Welch made the choice to put her needs ahead of his it allowed Jennea to have the freedom to find her own way to heal in the world.  I think it’s important to keep stories like this in mind as we move through our own journeys this year because it’s a safe bet to assume at some point we are all going to feel like life is getting away from us and we need to find a way back to ourselves.  On that note, I want to end with a quote that I found particularly inspiring in the documentary, which comes from the youngest star in the film, Jennea Welch “life doesn’t have to be just a drag.  No one is on earth just because, there is a purpose for everyone being alive.”

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